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Artists Matryoshka Light Blue girl with Blue rooster (5 nested set)


Product number: 194163
Width: 55 mm
Height: 110 mm
Length: 55 mm
Weight: 80 gr
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Product information "Artists Matryoshka Light Blue girl with Blue rooster (5 nested set)"
Artists Matryoshka Light Blue girl with Blue rooster (5 nested set)

Matryoshka with animal theme / nesting doll / Russian doll

The first matryoshka ( nesting doll ) was produced by Sergei Malutin in Sergiev Posad in 1890 painted on a set of dolls produced by Vasily Zvyozdochkin. As Matryoshki became popular other places such as Vyatka and Semenov also started specialising in their production.

This set is has animals at the centre of its painting theme.

These wooden toys are a great way to help kids to develop hand and eye coordination (recommended for children three years and above). You can stack the nesting dolls on top of each other or maybe play a little game of guess what’s inside with your little ones. Whatever game you want to play, and whatever you call these dolls, whether stacking dolls, nesting dolls, Russian dolls or Matryoshka your kids will enjoy the real life interaction and the fun.

We should add that these matryoshka are not traditionally called Babushka dolls and that babushka actually means grandmother in Russian.

Imported by Babushka / Babushkas the original Matryoshki* specialist / Melbourne / Dunedin / Berkshire

* Russian nesting dolls / Russian stacking dolls - matryoshki is plural and matryoshka singular.

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